Assessment Grant Proposal Form
Assessing student learning is an essential component of general education and in the major. This grant supports innovative practices in the assessment of student learning. The Assessment Grants are intended for faculty in their efforts to support and assess student learning in public affairs and general education.

Please fill out the form below which will become your grant proposal and click "submit" at the bottom of the page.

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Will your program, department, or college support this project in any way?
This is not a requirement, but "matching" makes dollars stretch farther and the request may help a broader audience understand and support your work.
Proposal Details
What is the title of your proposal?
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Please select from the eligible projects listed below. (If "other", please contact an Assessment staff member for approval.)
What do you plan to purchase or pay for?
List any expected budget items with a price for each. Please include the total dollar amount necessary to implement your plan.
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What contributions will this work have on enhancing student learning?
Briefly describe the learning, writing, or thinking need that you intend to address with this grant.
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What is your time frame for the proposed project?
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How will the results of this project be used for program improvement?
Please describe any anticipated outcomes.
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If funded, a short, written report is expected.
The interim report will include the following information: Minutes of meetings (include attendees, date, items discussed, actions), project results, outcomes addressed, changes that will occur in the future due to this project, new learning, new curriculum, recommendations for future projects, and any handouts, student work, survey results, etc.
Do you agree to share the funded project at the time of its completion?
This may include sharing the proposal itself, outcome data from the grant's effect, or student work generated from use of the grant.
How do you plan to show evidence of student learning?
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