American Studies Interest Form - 2019
American Studies is an interdisciplinary major that encourages students to make connections across diverse fields of study. If you are interested in the American Studies major, you should begin taking the core course in the Fall of your Sophomore year. This is different from most majors in the College. The course is AMST 203, the introductory course, taught by Professor Seamon.

If you are interested in American Studies, you need instructor permission to register for AMST 203. To begin this process, please submit this form. We encourage you to submit this form by March 25th, 2019 so we are able to notify you by registration.

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What college courses have you taken that relate to American Studies? Please list course numbers, title, and professor if possible.
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American Studies students often work independently, pursuing their own research and making connections across a diverse range of courses. Student who are succeed in the major are independent, curious, creative thinkers, and good writers.  Please offer a few examples as evidence that you possess these qualities. *
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The American Studies major is also about becoming part of an intellectual community. Please offer a few specific examples of how your interests, background, and/or perspectives would allow you to contribute to our intellectual community. *
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