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Many of our dogs have been rescued from very sad and unfortunate circumstances...many have lived on the streets and struggled to survive, some have been injured by people, some abandoned by owners. By adopting a dog from us, do you completely understand this fact and commit to offering a safe, welcoming and supportive home environment? *
Do you commit to training and positive behaviour reinforcement to convey a sense of safety and security to your new dog? *
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Do you commit to completely securing your yard/fence/house to ensure the dog’s safety, understanding that a new animal in any brand new environment can be a flight risk if not secured? *
It is extremely important to us that any dog adopted from us never experience homelessness again. We need to be assured that if we adopt a dog to a person or family, that all efforts will be taken to successfully integrate the dog into the family and that under no circumstance would the dog be returned to ANY shelter environment or abandoned in any way. Our dogs are thrilled to be adopted to loving homes and are as a rule, are very eager to please. They want and need to feel safe and loved—it is a safety that most of them have never experienced.
If you adopt a dog from us, do you commit and agree to do your best to provide a safe and loving home? *
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Adoption info and fees
We sincerely thank you for wanting to adopt a former homeless dog from Mexico!
We face extreme challenges in saving them and rehabilitating them, and we need the help of kind people to adopt our dogs so that we may continue to help more animals.
Adoption fees are varied based on factors such as transportation costs to the US and Canada, and generally fall between $200-300 USD. We do our best to minimize all transportation costs to the new adoptive family... and any additional donation you might consider making can help us spay and neuter needy dogs and reach more critical cases.
We are a non-profit organization and your adoption fee helps us cover the medical expenses we have incurred in rescuing your new dog, and enables us to keep operating and saving lives. Your donation also can help us spay and neuter needy dogs on the streets of Mexico and reach out to dogs in desperate situations.

Thank you! Gracias!
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Lost Dog Foundation is a 501c3 registered charity donations are fully tax-deductible for US citizens
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