RLC Food Recipient
We at Rescuing Leftover Cuisine aim to assist and work with non-profit organizations like yours who serve the hungry yet may be unable to pick up this food due to staffing or scheduling obstacles. By signing up as a Food Recipient, you agree to accept surplus fresh and prepared food and provide it to those in need. Accepting and serving uneaten food is legal and all parties are protected from Civil and Criminal Liability issues thanks to the Emerson Act.

For more information, please review the websites below.

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Please indicate your availability to receive food, providing as much flexibility as possible. If the time-frame does not fit in the windows we provide, please add instructions under Additional Timeframes.
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Your Needs & Special Instructions
We understand that no two Food Recipients are alike: your needs differ based on your location, your workflow and the people you serve. Although we cannot guarantee a perfect fit for every donation, we do our best to match you with donors based on scheduling, the food being donated and your needs. Food donations may include uncooked perishable and nonperishable foods (ideal for ingredients in the kitchen) and/or cooked perishable food that can be safely eaten within 24-48 hours (ideal for shelters and walk-ins). If you have any special requests or limitations, please note here:
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Terms and Conditions
Find our terms and conditions on rescuingleftovercuisine.org/terms
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