Manifesto Brainstorm session 1 - March 14
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1st brainstorm session for Manifesto of Amsterdam Autonomous Coalition

14th of March
from 18:00
address: Rhoneweg 6, at "De Sering" (Amsterdam) - close to Sloterdijk station

Feel free to email us at:

Hope to see you there :)

More context:

We, with the coalition that occupied the UvA on Jan 16 - Amsterdam Autonomous Coalition - are writing a manifesto with other groups and individuals in order to make the demands (for the UvA) more broad. Think anti-racism, feminism, mutual aid, better working conditions, permanent contract for lecturers, democratization etc. This was our first intention but we did not manage in time for the occupation, unfortunately. Therefore we are getting input for different topics that fall under our "decolonize, democratize, decarbonize" slogan!

We would love to hear your input for this! Would you like to join us?

We will have a few brainstorm sessions to gather input, and if a group cannot join any then we will try to have 1-on-1 discussions.

Our first brainstorm session is on March 14th, @ 18:00 at De Sering (Rhoneweg 6 - Amsterdam), and we would love to have you! De Sering serves cheap vegan dinner (2.5-5.0 euros donation).

Occupy, Disrupt, Care,

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