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We code IT Academy helps refugees and migrants in Germany to start their careers in IT since 2020.
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With only a few hours a year, you literally can change someones life.
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In the past programs, we were able to offer orientation, coaching, programming courses and hand-on projects with companies in the region.

In 2023 we are designing our next program, and we want to design it around our clients!
Through submitting their data, they are applying for a free consultation with an IT-expert.
An expert like you, who will be their coach for one session.

In such a coaching session, you'll sit with the client individually for 55 minutes to understand their background, motivation, skills, experience and goals. You should ask a lot of questions and listen closely to really understand what they might need to succeed in their career. Understanding them a bit better, you will provide helpful tips on how to launch their IT-career and answer any questions they have, the best you can.
Yes, they can come with any kind of questions. What ever it is, we'll try to help out.

When they apply, we'll try to connect them with the best fitting coach we're in contact with.
To do so, we'll kindly ask you to answer a few questions upfront, so we can get an understanding in which field you are professional in and can help out.

The more information you give us upfront, the better we'll be able to understand which of our coachees might be a good fit for you. However, very few fields are obligatory, so feel free to fill in only information you really want to share.

If you have any further questions, before sign-up, feel free to contact us: wecodeit@we-integrate.de

We code IT Academy is a project of we integrate e.V.
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Hereby, you agree for us to gather your personal data for internal usage only. Your name, email, phone number, work status, current location and other sensitive information will always stay private unless you instruct us to do anything else. 
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