Balloon debate registration form
Wednesday 16th August
7.00 pm - 9.30 pm
Tea House Theatre
Vauxhall Walk SE11 5HL
What is a balloon debate and how does it work?
Each year, the club holds what is known as a balloon debate. This is designed to be a light-hearted competition and as much a test of the speaker's ability to entertain the audience as their ability to argue a point. The way it works is that five debaters compete with each other to stay on the panel in a series of rounds with the audience voting off at least one panellist at the end of each round until only the winner remains.
Balloon debate theme
The theme of this year's balloon debate is: ''who should be in charge on Mars'? It is the year 2050 and the first human colonists have arrived on Mars with the mission of building a settlement so other human beings can join them in the future. After the captain dies in an accident, there are only five candidates to replace them:

- The explorer (expert on the planet's geography and eternal optimist who has dreamed of this day since they were a child)

- The engineer (disciplined problem solver with a razor sharp mind and a God complex to match)

- The botanist (a spiritual thinker who values all forms of life but finds it difficult to be around other people)

- The computer (most advanced form of artificial intelligence in the known universe but lacks the capacity for human emotion)

- The counsellor (patient listener and persuasive talker who sees other people as emotional beings who need to be managed)

Who should be in charge?

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Speakers and audience participation
All five speakers will be selected from members of the club's training programme as usual. The audience will still have a big part to play in this debate, though. As well as voting off a panellist at the end of each round, you will also be asked to cross-examine the panel in the semi-final before ultimately choosing the winner of the debate in the final round.
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