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Our curriculum includes classes on various astrology subjects that are beginner-friendly, while also serving as a fresh perspective for the seasoned astrologer.

✭ We weave in opportunities for self-reflection and empowered action through studying the stars: encouraging students to discover and embrace their True Self as an essential part of the cosmos. ✭
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We offer multiple options for involvement and payment. We offer a sliding scale to make the tuition more accessible. The most cost-efficient choice is to pay for a full year of tuition upfront: $225 – $345 for all classes from March 2020 to March 2021. We also offer a payment plan option of $20 – $30 per month to allow this price point to be accessible to tighter budgets. Classes may also be taken individually: each one with different price points based on content and length. We want to make this community available to as many people as possible while also ensuring that our work is justly compensated. If the sliding fee is outside of your budget, please contact us at to discuss other options.
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