St. Mary's Catholic Church, Dubai
Family Fest 2018 – WE CARE, WE SHARE
Stage Performance Registration Form
Terms & Conditions
a) Have to be Parishioner of St. Mary’s Church, Dubai.
b) Should be above the age of 13.
c) Only one Act is allowed per group.
d) Dance performances to have minimum 10 members.
e) Music Bands to have min 5 members and at least three musical Instruments.
f) Lyrics of the music should be in accordance the values of the Church.
g) Costumes should be appropriate i.e No miniskirts / open midriffs / off-shoulders.
h) The decision of the Judges for Selection criteria would be final.
i) Dance performance on stage should be 5 minutes.
j) Band performance on Stage should be only 10 minutes.
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