DTA Elections Nomination Form
This is the official Nomination form for DTA Executive Committee Elections. Please submit your nomination form 24hr prior to elections to the elections committee. To make it easier we have placed an electronic version of this form online for you to nominate. Nominations must have consent from the candidate in writing and as well must be submitted 24 hours prior to the elections. Please read the following Constitutional requirements to qualify a Nominee:

1. 3.2b For each Executive Committee position the contestant has to be proposed, seconded by a good standing member. Consent of the nominee also should be obtained in the prescribed nomination form and the nomination form must be submitted to the election committee 48 hours prior to Annual General Meeting.
2. 3.2c Candidates for the Executive Committee Membership will be submitted by the election Committee
3. 3.2d If there is a lack of contestants for the Executive Committee (minimum 5) the current Executive Committee will appoint a member in good standing for this position.
4. 3.2e When there is a tie for any elected position, the contestant will be asked to present valid reasons and convincing argument for his/her nomination for two minutes for a second vote. If it’s a tie after the second vote the Election committee will decide who the winner is.
5. Sec. 3.3a- Any committee member who is eligible to a vote may be an Executive Committee member.
6. Sec. 3.3b- Any Executive Committee Member who ceases to be member ceases to be an Executive Committee Member.
7. Sec. 3.3c- Contestant has to be a committee member for a year.
8. Sec. 3.3d- To contest for the post of President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer the contestant has to be a Committee member for two years.


1. President
2. Vice President
3. Secretary
4. Treasurer
5. Program Coordinator
6. Logistical Coordinator
7. Youth Program Coordinator
8. Communications & Marketing Coordinator
9. Community Relationship Coordinator


Voting Rights of Members
1. Sec. 2.3a- A member has a right to vote if he/she meets one of the following requirements.
I. Member in good standing and has paid the annual membership fee.
II. Has a continuous period of membership of no less than six months, prior to each Annual General Meeting and,
2. Sec. 2.3b- Is over eighteen years of age.
3. Sec. 2.3c- Every member who is eligible to vote has only one vote at every general or annual meeting of the members.
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