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In the aftermath of the 2017 Santa Rosa fires we contacted the Bridge Community Church and asked if there was any way to help them rebuild. They said that the city is months away from rebuilding, and the best way we can help is to help them in their own work of rebuilding in Middleton, which had significant damage from the 2015 fires. So we are going to help Santa Rosa by helping Middleton!
Dates: March 29-April 3 OR March 29-April 1 OR March 31-April 3
Transportation will leave from FBC at 9 am on March 2 and 31, and return to FBC by around 5 pm on April 1 and 3

Register by March 4.

$200 (Price is the same for the 4 and 6 day trip, since we have to pay the full price per person to Hope City.)
Anyone age 12 and older, including parents and other church members.
March 4: Registration due
March 11: Training meeting #1, 12-1:30
March 18: Training meeting #2, 12-1:30
March 29/31: Meet at FBC at 9 am to depart for Lake County!
April 1/3: Return to FBC around 5 pm
What to expect
We will be staying in dormitory housing at 15299 Central Park Rd, Middletown, CA. Teens will help with general labor to rebuild and clean up; Adults will help as cooks and kitchen volunteers; Skilled construction workers can help with rebuilding.
Packing List
Sleeping Bag or bedding & pillow
Work clothes (long pants and long shirts)
Regular clothes
Personal hygiene items
Bug spray, suntan lotion
Work boots and a pair of tennis shoes
Work gloves, protective eyewear
Hat for sun protection
Bible, pen, notebook
Money for optional snacks ~$20
More info
On behalf of Hope City, we would like to thank you for choosing to serve alongside us in Lake County, CA. We know that you have many options to choose from with disasters occurring more frequently and appreciate the time and energy your group is giving this community in need. Hope City is a volunteer rebuild camp partnering with Middletown Bible Church, The Bridge, Community Baptist Church, Santa Rosa Bible Church, Santa Rosa First United Methodist Church and the Hope Crisis Response Network as well as a building partner with Team Lake County.

The disaster you are responding to is known as the Valley Fire which began on September 12th, and was extinguished on October 6th, 2015. The incident DR-4240 started as a small fire of about 400 acres and grew to devastate over 10,000 acres within 12 hours. By the time the fire was extinguished it had injured four while taking the lives of four others and
burned 76,000 acres destroying 2000 structures, 1300 of which were homes.

After such devastation, the community was left in a state of great loss and grieving. With the poverty rate resting at 25%, and a high unemployment rate, we are seeing close to 45% of the population as either not insured or under-insured. Needless to say, Hope City is grateful for your willingness to help achieve the goal to rebuild homes in a community were the need is great.

You can find out more info at http://hcrn.info/

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