Application for Inter-Faith Food Shuttle's Growing School Gardens Program
Students spend two thirds of their day in school, and 1 out of 4 children in North Carolina only eat two meals a day, which are provided by their school. We at the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle believe that by integrating our urban agriculture programming into school communities, we can work together to strengthen the self-sufficiency skills of students, increase their consumption of fresh produce, and help improve food literacy. We also have the opportunity to impact the culture of health and food security of the entire school body.

Through the Food Shuttle's Growing School Gardens program, children have access to gardening and basic food prep instruction during the school day and after school enrichment programs that get them excited about agriculture, eating healthy, and growing fresh produce. Parents are given access to our free Seed to Supper program where they learn how to build backyard gardens and grow fresh fruits and vegetables with their families. Teachers can take part in workshops that enable them to feel more comfortable teaching math, social studies, reading and other standards in a school garden setting. Working together with principals and school garden committees, our staff ensures that their school garden program is as sustainable as possible.

Below is the application to become a partner school through the Growing School Gardens program. This program provides partner schools with three years of support in establishing a sustainable school garden program. We encourage you to meet with your School Garden Committee to discuss your goals and needs regarding partnering with the Food Shuttle before filling out this application. If you do not currently have a School Garden Committee in place you will need to form one before we can invite you to become a partner. All schools chosen to participate in the Growing School Gardens program will be expected to sign an MOU and provide regular evaluation data. Schools with free and reduced lunch rates above 50% will be given priority.

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