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It is mandatory that recipients discuss their experience through an article in the Oak Tree. I will submit an Oak Tree article to Caroline Tanner (admin@oakgrovefoundation.org) within 10 school days from the professional development date. *
How does this experience support and align with the overall goals of Oak Grove Elementary as outlined in its School Improvement Plan? What goals from the CSIP and/or GPS will be supported by this experience? *
We encourage recipients to consider other means of sharing the knowledge they gained. Please check the boxes below to indicate other ways you will share your experiences with faculty and families. *
I will set a date for redelivery with the principal within 10 school days from the professional development date and email admin@oakgrovefoundation.org with the redelivery date. *
I will submit a check request form with original receipts for reimbursement within 10 school days from the professional development date. *
Please email any supporting documents (such as price lists, conference agendas, etc.) to Caroline Tanner at admin@oakgrovefoundation.org.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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