MMfD Data Journalism Training Registration Form
Media Matters for Democracy (MMfD) is organising a free data journalism training for journalists in Lahore from 24 to 26 October 2017 as part of its Media for Transparency project.

Please apply for the training using the form below. Only 10 applicants will be selected. We will notify the selected applicants by email and phone.

Last date for registration is 21 October 2017.

This training is for journalists based in Lahore only
The training will cover:

+ The data journalism process
+ Pakistan's right to information laws and how to use them
+ Working with numbers
+ Finding data for news reports
+ Data analysis using MS Excel, and
+ Data visualisation skills

Last date for registration: 21 Oct 2017
At least two training participants will be offered a fellowship to attend a five-day Investigative & Data Journalism Bootcamp conducted by MMfD. MMfD will support the fellows to work on a data-driven investigative project during and after the bootcamp.

Note: Selected participants will have to bring their own laptops to the training venue. Training timings: 10am - 4pm

Please fill the form below to apply:

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Have you ever used the Right to Information laws to access public records?
If you answered Yes in the previous question, please share a brief description of the public records you requested and your experience of using the laws.
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Would you be willing to attend a subsequent investigative journalism bootcamp and pursue an data-driven investigative news project?
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