Responsible 100 Simple Questions: Customer Complaints and Redress
Please answer the following questions - which have been carefully crafted to help you apply the basics of customer complaints and redress to your organisation - providing as much detail as possible.
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Are there any factors relating to your organisation's size or to the sector you operate in, or relating to the types of product or service you offer, that influence the type and frequency of complaints you receive? *
Have you ever had a complaint that resulted in an improvement of some aspect of your business? *
Please indicate your willingness and ability to enact the following suggestions to improve experiences for your customers or clients:
Conduct research to identify the most common issues, complaints and concerns that your customers or clients have and train employees how to respond to those specific problems *
Provide clear, easily-accessible information as to how you intend to treat your customers  *
Integrate the code of conduct for employees and any employee training into your customer service policies
Change and develop your customer complaints and redress policies over time if/as new issues and concerns arise
Encourage and support your employees in being open and positive to customer criticism and complaints *
Please provide any relevant information that influenced your responses to the questions above  
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