HPC Mentorship Program Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

The purpose of this survey is to gather information from both HPC members and non-members about their interests, ideas, needs and wants in a national mentorship program that HPC is currently building. HPC is determined to build an effective mentorship program that will help and support all members whether you are just starting your career or looking at retiring in the short-term. As a member of HPC or someone working in the field of health promotion, regardless of your amount of health promotion experience we need help answering two key questions:

1. As a mentor, what would you be willing to help others in the field of Health Promotion with?
2. As a mentee, what would you need help with to progress in your careers?

This very short survey is designed to help answer these two questions in order to gather the right information to build an effective mentorship program.

Thank you again.

Aisha Tehseen & Jasmin Bhawra
HPC Mentoring Coordinators

with Tom Martin, HPC National Executive - Saskatchewan Representative

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