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Momentum offers mentor matching as a free service to our community. Studies show that successful mentoring relationships lead to greater success on a personal and professional level. We are excited you have an interest in finding a mentor.

Momentum works with participants to identify specific areas in which they wish to grow. Once you have completed the document below, we'll search our network to find a Mentor that's your best possible match based on skill-set, life experiences, and personality. All responses are kept confidential. While Momentum cannot guarantee that you will be matched with a Mentor, we have a very high success rate in pairing Mentors with Mentees based on the individual's needs.

We ask Momentum Mentees for a 6 month commitment with your assigned Mentor. If you choose to continue your relationship after your commitment has ended, we encourage you to do so.

If you have any questions along the way, please contact Mentor Coordinator, Mindy Santo at
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