Birthday Project MoonByul Brasil 2018: 'StarPets'🐾
Get to know the project!
Hello MooMoos!

MoonByul Brasil in a collaboration with @APHR_TWT and @APOLLO_TWT, both from @ligadasfanbases, @MooMoosBR and @BrasilMoo are officially launching our birthday project for MoonByul's day.

Our project consists of collecting money from donations (both international and brazilian MooMoos can participate!), raffles and selling fanmade kits. All the collected money will be donated in MoonByul's name to a non-profit animal shelter from Maceió, Alagoas - Brasil called "Pata Voluntária". They do an amazing work rescuing all kinds of pets, nursing them back to health and helping to find them a loving family. All the materials sold or raffled will be donated by the us or other MooMoos who wish to help the cause. We hope this will be a meaningful gift for our beloved rapper since we know the affection she has for pets.

Our project will be open for one month, we plan to end it on Dec 22nd on MoonByul's birthday. Meanwhile we'll keep you updated with everything related to the project.

Donations for international MooMoos will be open through PayPal for any amount. To keep the transparency we prepared a spreadsheet with the time, amount donated, tax deduction and final amount that can be accessible at all times. We'll update this spreadsheet daily. Brazilian MooMoos can donate from both PayPal and Deposit (recommended).

We will give more information about fanmade kits and raffles soon!

Thank you in advance!

More about Pata Voluntária
Pata Voluntaria is an animal protection work that has existed for a little more than two years that aims to rescue and help in the search for a safe home for all animals, this does not only include domestic animals such as cats and dogs, but also all other animals that we can save and guarantee a decent future to be lived. We are a group of vegan/vegetarian volunteers who together seek to provide a safe and comfortable quality of life to the rescued animals until our paws angels are adopted with much love and responsibility. We encourage adoption, veganism, volunteerism, animal liberation and love! Currently we have about 500 animals (dogs, cats, birds, horses) all rescued victims of abuse, violence and abandonment.

Get to know more about their work at their Instagram, which they update daily with news about the animals and the shelter itself: @patavoluntaria

They have some strong photos there, so be careful when you open it.

How to help?
PayPal: We'll receive donations from international MooMoos through the PayPal All PayPal payments have a transaction fee, we organized a spreadsheet so you can keep track of the final amount donated. Since the fee is different for each currency we advise to send the payments in US Dollar. The fee for US Dollar will be 6,4% + $0,30, this amount will be deducted from the final donation.

To send donations for any amount, select payment for service. If you don't want your name or nickname on our spreadsheet, please send us a message on the PayPal message field.

Bank transfer (Brazil only): Please refer to the portuguese version here

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