DHNH 2022 Sports Participation (Submission Deadline: June 19, 2022)
This form is for signing up to participate in sports. The rules and guidelines can be found in this link (https://bit.ly/39LBwrG). Keep an eye out for any changes in the rules, since it will be dependent on how many teams there are for each sport. For any questions, please reach out to Tr. Ban Thi Đua Thể Thao, Peter Nguyen, at peter.d.nguyen1@gmail.com.
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Which sport will you be participating in? (Maximum of 2 sports) (For HSTT & HT - only basketball and volleyball are available) *
Team name (if applicable. If you don’t have a team name, write Đoàn name) *
Will you have a full team? If “No,” you will be placed in free agency to be placed in a full team. *
For each sport, for both with a full team and without, you must have a representative HT that will be their "coach" and another HT that can be selected to be a "referee" when DHNH comes.
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