SWSDI 2017 Counselor Application
Please complete this form if you are interested in working at SWSDI 2015.
What is your name? *
What is your first choice in events to coach? *
What is your second choice in events to coach? *
You must select a second choice.
If you are signing on to Policy or LD, you understand that these events two weeks. *
You are expected to be coaching from 9-9 the entire two weeks.
I understand that PF, and Interp are one week events that run the first week of camp. *
I further understand that I am expected to be on campus from 9-9 on those days engaged with my lab unless otherwise directed by Beth or Susan.
I understand that Extemp, Oratory, and Congress run the second week of camp. *
I further understand that I am obligated to be engaged with my lab from 9-9 on those days unless otherwise instructed by Beth or Susan.
Are you interested in being a Student Life Coordinator?
Here are the responsibilities: -Assist as needed with airport shuttle. -Assist registration/check-in/check-out. -Shop for and prepare breakfast. -Keep water jugs filled and available to students to refill each morning and evening. -Handle student/parent concerns. -Take students to health center, do check in/check out -Check in/out commuters each morning and evening. -Organize fun activities each evening -Do bed check each evening
Do you want to be a resident? You can coach and not be a resident. We will have fewer people living on campus this year. *
Here is what being a resident entails: Be on campus unless you’ve notified a director (Seep or Clarke) and the SLCs. -Assist directors/SLCs with registration/check out days. -Participate in/supervise, as appropriate, in evening activities -Assist SLCs with bedchecks, student health concerns, etc.
If you are selected to live on campus, you understand that there can be no drugs or alcohol in the dorms. Violations of this rule may result in your dismissal, without pay, from the camp. *
Will you need a parking pass? *
(This costs a bit, so if you will be a resident and can get away with not bringing a car, that'd be awesome!)
I understand that the pay for one week is $650 and the pay for two weeks is $1,000 whether or not I'm a resident. *
I also understand that bonuses will be awarded on a year- by- year basis.
Your coaching bio-- what would you like us to put on the website in the event you are hired?
Please keep your bio to 200 words. Include your most significant competitive and coaching accomplishments
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