E-Preneur Task 6
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Are you exceptional/unusual/not typical? *
Is your business exceptional/unusual/not typical? *
Give a reason for your answers to the two previous questions *
Are you now offering something to your customers that did not exist before? *
Explain your previous answer. *
In your opinion is creativity more important than academic fact? *
Explain reason for your response to previous question.
Do you rely on your intuition? *
How often has your intuition been right? *
Imagination.....do you have it or not? *
Explain previous answer *
What is your potential for growth & change? *
Is your fear of being ridiculed holding you back from being exceptional? *
Explain previous answer. *
What is the ONE main idea you will take out of this E-Preneur Program? *
Are you willing to let your imagination go wild, create a fertile mind, take risks and do away with your 'what if' fear? *
If we had to meet what would make me remember you and your business? *
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