Online Canteen Ordering
Hello my name is Jordan and for My Garin Y13 Digital Technologies project "Efficient Canteens" I wish to gain your opinion as a parent / caregiver/ student on the following.

If the option for you (a parent) or you (a student) were given the option to order your canteen lunch online so all you have to do is pick up your payed order at second break, would you do it?

Also if there was an online menu for the canteen that displayed what each item contains, the cost, possibly some nutritional information where possible, would you use it?. This would allow you to see what is offered in the canteen as the seasons change and the menu changes.

Do you currently order from the canteen?
Would you use online ordering? *
How helpful do you feel this system would be to pay for your child's lunches? (parents question)
Not very
Very much
If there was an online menu for the canteen would it be helpful? *
What is your preferred device for placing an order?
What do you think the benefits, or drawbacks of online ordering could be?
If the online ordering was available, would you want a PayPal option for fast, secure and easy handling of transactions?
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