Wilson C Riles MS College Knowledge Survey
Have you ever talked to a teacher or other staff member about college? *
Have your parents talked to you about college?
Have any of your Riles teachers ever talked to you about where they went to college? *
Do you think the teachers at Riles think you will go to college? *
Have you heard of the following schools? *
2-year or community college
4-year or university
Vocational, trade, or business school
Do you plan on continuing your education after high school? *
Do you think college would be fun or boring?
Do you know what classes to take in high school in order to get in to college? *
How much do you think a 4-year public university costs per year? *
Do you think a person with a college degree earns more money in a year than a person who does not have a college degree? *
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