Family Survey -- Planning for Reopening for In-person Instruction (Oct '20)
As part of our planning for determining if/when we may reopen for in-person instruction for students some time after Winter Break, we are looking to gather input from families. We ask that you complete this survey to share any input/advice you have. Additionally, we encourage you participate in one of our family input sessions from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. on the following days: Early Childhood Academy -- Monday, October 26; Elementary School Academy -- Tuesday, October 27; and Middle School Academy -- Wednesday, October 27. Information on how to join the sessions can be found at
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What is your name? *
Who are the Ingenuity Prep students (or students on the waitlist) who are in your family? *
Your family is any student for whom you signed the Residency Verification Form or you have legal custody (by birth or court order). Please enter each student's full name separated by only a comma. For example: Will Stoetzer, Jennifer Hampton, Ben Johnson
I have a student(s) in the following Academy: *
Check all that apply for your family
How would you rate our virtual learning so far this year? *
How well would you say virtual learning is working for your student? *
If Ingenuity Prep reopened for in-person instruction in January, would you send your student(s) back to school? *
Please note, this is not a binding decision. We recognize some families may be unsure, however we're asking that -- for our planning purposes -- you indicate which way you are most leaning right now.
If Ingenuity Prep reopened for in-person instruction in January, how comfortable would you be with your student returning for in-person instruction? *
Very uncomfortable
Very comfortable
Why would you most want your student(s) to return to in-person learning? *
What, if anything, could we do to make you more comfortable having your student attend in-person instruction? *
Would any of these factors make you less likely to send your child to school for in-person instruction? *
Please note that many, if not all, of the factors listed below are things we are or may be required to do to ensure we can support the health and safety protocols from the Department of Health (DOH) in place for schools.
All students are required to wear masks all day
In-person instruction was only two days a week
School (in-person or virtual) was only 4 days a week
The school day was shorter than normal -- 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Students had a different teacher than they currently have
Parents not allowed inside of school building
There are different arrival and departure times for students at each Academy
Students are required to wait outside while undergoing a health screening each day before entering
Currently, we are only allowed to have up to 11 students in each classroom. As a result, we may not be able to have all students return in-person. If that is the case, which group(s) of students do you think we should prioritize? *
What is most important to you that we prioritize in making a decision to reopen for in-person instruction? *
For example,
Do you have any additional advice for us as we consider planning for reopening for in-person instruction?
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