EPMS PTSA Mini Grant Application 2018/19
Please read through these requirements before submitting your application -

1) Applicants must be a current EPMS PTSA member
2) Grants are for Educational Enrichment items not covered by existing funds
3) Technology requests must be reviewed by the media specialist
4) Applications are reviewed throughout the year and will be aligned with PTSA's monthly EC meeting (see below for
meeting dates). Fill out forms by the 20th of each month for EC to review. Recipients will be notified via email within
3-5 business days after monthly meetings.
5) Money received must be used by the end of the 2018-19 school year [See School Bookkeeper for process]
6) If your request has been approved a notification will be sent to the School's Bookkeeper
*YOU MUST follow School's purchasing requirements - applicants WILL NOT be reimbursed directly from PTSA
7) If you have ANY questions regarding your request, please feel free to email
Lily Pabian lily.pabian@gmail.com, Mary Sternot at sternotmary@yahoo.com OR Claire Mattson at claire@galaw.com.

Executive Committee Meeting dates to discuss grants:

Thursday September 6th (will review all grants submitted before 8/20 )
Thursday, October 4th (will review all grants submitted before 9/20)
Thursday, December 6th (will review all grants submitted before 11/20)
Thursday, January 10th (will review all grants submitted before 12/20)
Friday, February 8th (will review all grants submitted before1/20)
Thursday March 7th (will review all grants submitted before 2/20)

*Please note that budget restrictions will apply for mini grants. Awarded funds are dependent on fundraising efforts by the PTSA towards Educational Enrichment.

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If yes, please double check with the Media Specialist prior to filling out this application
Amount Requested *
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Subject / Description of Program - Please elaborate *
In as much detail as you can, please provide full description of where these funds will be used (think purpose, mission, goals, etc) -- Please elaborate :-)!
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Approximately, how many students will this grant reach? Please provide details of grade level, specific academics / class *
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