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Otraco Field Engineers are responsible for delivering on-site operational and engineering support to maintain Otraco’s quality of service to its clients.

For operational support, Otraco will train Field Engineers to a full Certificate II qualification to undertake tyre management services, alongside other qualified technicians.

For engineering support, Otraco will train Field Engineers in tyre management best practice to achieve outcomes as per contract agreements, which includes: compliance, reporting and data analytics.

The qualification progression to gain technical on-the-job proficiency for this role will be from transitional tyre fitter to tyre technician; typically a 12 month process to attain Certificate II qualification. Following this qualification, there is potential for Otraco to develop Field Engineers to a Certificate III qualification.

Field Engineers will be allocated a mentor to refine engineering technical knowledge while operational training will be delivered by the Site Supervisor and Superintendent. Otraco will also train Field Engineers in elements of the Otraco leadership capability program.

Typically, Otraco operates on each project with a Site Supervisor leading a crew of Cert II tyre technicians working a site roster. Following the initial work location, Field Engineers may be required to work at various locations during the course of their employment and may be transferred from project to project to meet operational demands.

Field Engineers will complement the Site Supervisor, who has in-depth operational OTR tyre experience. To support the Site Supervisor, Field Engineers are expected to have an aptitude for analytics and ability to support the crew on the tools where appropriate. Engineering support extends to managing stakeholders and client relationships.

To develop relationships with the highest tier of management based on site, the Field Engineer is expected to be comfortable with presentation and interpersonal skills whilst maintaining a growth mindset such that they will become the subject matter expert for tyres on site.

Must be an Engineering graduate. Must have full working rights in Australia. Experience with tooling and operating non-passenger vehicles is highly desirable.
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