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Use this form to order your Vectrex controller. Shipping within continental USA is $10. I can ship internationally also.
After you submit it, I will confirm, and ask you to send me payment.
As all controllers are hand made, and take a decent amount of labor, it will take a few weeks after you pay before I can ship.
Use the notes section at the bottom to ask any questions.
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I have managed to make an upgraded Pro version, I was able to find a nice feeling large analog joystick, one that I could just barely squeeze in the form factor. It was designed for drone control, so it is very sensitive as well. Unfortunately it is so tall it does not quite fit in the front of the Vectrex anymore, but if you really wanted to you could shorten it. Also being black rubber around the stick, I can’t make it light up. The part costs me more then the standard, so it is priced more.
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I can just about get any color you like, and am willing to order what you prefer. I currently have and have used for other controllers, Orange, Blue, Teal, Black, Purple, Green, Red, to name a few. I also have glow in the dark white and purple. Let mw know in the box below what color your thinking, and we can find a color together. All prints are in PLA plastic, it is sandable, paintable, and 100% recyclable.
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I offer two button sizes, both are high quality Japanese, Sanwa microswitch buttons. So they are an upgrade to the original. The 18 mm is slightly smaller then the original Vectrex, but with the surround, it matches the size exactly. It is a bit more clicky, but very smooth and has a GREAT feel. The other is 20mm. It is the same size as the original, but with the surround, it takes up more space. It is a quieter and a "softer" click. I have a harder time getting the 18mm size anymore, so it might take longer while I wait for more to come in stock or ship from further away. Because of this, I recommend the 20mm. While you can mix the sizes, I do NOT recommended it, because the feel of each is different, also it requires me to make a new print file.
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I no longer make decals. I have had such bad luck, I am not making them anymore. I recommend one of the two places linked below, VectrexRolli has used them and they came out great.
If you want to buy one, and ship it to me, I will put it on before the buttons.

German web store, they basically can print everything you want:

You get even more professional and better overlays here, but they only have the original GCE or MB design:

Decal (experimental)?
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Other notes
Let me know any other questions, ideas, or customizations you have!
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