Mi'kma'ki Two Spirit Support Social Registration
This is the registration form for the Mi'kma'ki 2S Support Social. This is a monthly virtual supportive and social space for Two Spirit, or LGBTQ+ identified indigenous youth, 25 & under. Please note some of the demographics information here is collected for use in future funding applications to run programs just like these. This information is strictly accessible to The Youth Project and staff. It will not be shared for any other reason. Any information used would be made anonymous and only made to give a snapshot of the backgrounds and intersections of the folk we serve. On most of these questions you will have the right to pass. Disclosing demographic information is not required to join our programs!
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Do you have any suggestions for activities or actions to come from this program?
Ex: Movie streaming; youth lead education campaign; games we can do online together; etc.
Name & Number of an emergency contact:
In the event that we need to get a hold of someone we need an emergency contact. With virtual programming this is not likely, but in case we need to keep you safe this is important. Please let us know who this person is to you (Ex: Mom; sibling; etc). If you need us to use a different name when speaking to them (Different from the name you provided in this form) let us know here. If you need to assume a different identity (Ex: Straight Ally; Cis guy) in the event we needed to call let us know here. We never wish to accidentally out someone before their time.
Have any questions for us?
Is there anything else you would like to let or know, or think we need to know?
We are excited to have you sign up! These meetings will be on the 3rd Wednesday of every month! These meetings will run from 6:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. After registering we will be in touch over email to send you the joining information for Zoom. The link we send you can be used for EVERY drop-in so make sure to hold on to it and not share it with others.
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