IBM Hobby Club Membership Form
Dear Colleague,

This lab has a Hobby Club offering a wealth of sports and cultural activities organised by and for temporary and permanent lab members. You can stay fit and socialize with your colleagues outside the working environment.

Simply fill out the member ship form below. The membership fee for a club-year (April 1 to March 31) is 36 CHF.

Regular employees and employees with contracts longer than 12 months, will be charged a pro-rata membership fee for the current club year and CHF 36 - at the beginning of each new club-year as long as they are members.

Employees with contracts of less than 12 months will be changed the full membership fee of CHF 36 - upon registration.

This form adheres to IBM's Privacy Statement -

You can email the IBM Hobby Club board for Right to Be Forgotten.

By submitting this form I herewith declare my membership for the IBM Hobby Club.
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