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Step On Poverty is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization that aims to give the students the opportunity to pursue their ambitions under the guidance of peers, mentors, and the principle of economic pragmatism. As of now, we work under three initiatives!

Business Consulting Initiative:
Step on Poverty's Consulting Initiative will run under our BCI Advising Group, an organization which seeks to improve local businesses through marketing assistance and basic business consulting. Troy's economy may be growing, but this initiative will expedite the process by many years. The members in this Initiative go out into the community and work with local businesses to help make their operations easier and more efficient (i.e. website creation and maintenance for small businesses to have a sound digital presence and gain more customers). There will be a heavy focus on digital marketing and branding but all aspects of business will be considered.

Environmental Initiative:
Step on Poverty's Environmental Initiative will run under the Clean City Initiative (CCI), an organization which seeks to promote sustainability through the education of citizens and provision of sustainable opportunities. Through the Environmental Initiative, you would become a part of Troy's first and largest eco-movement. Prepare to confront community leaders as you push for more environmentally sound laws, develop press releases for environmental awareness, and carry out projects that effectively help Step on Poverty and the community grow at the same time.

Educational Initiative:
Step on Poverty's Educational Initiative works to improve education for others in places with fewer opportunities. Step on Poverty recently collected over 6,500 books and donated about 4,000 of the aforementioned books to schools affected by the wildfires in California. The rest of the books were donated to our very own Troy Public Library.

More about our organization can be found on our website at!

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