Instant Transactions Workshop Application Form
October 16 - 18
Gargnano (Lake Garda), Italy


A collaborative and highly-technical three-day workshop with the goal of improving instant transactions for Bitcoin Cash. Attendance will be limited to active developers, researchers, and key stakeholders. (15 to 30 participants.)

The workshop's main focus is to develop strategies for improving instant transactions that can be implemented over the short term (addressing the fast-respend and reverse-respend vulnerabilities). Examples include double-spend relay, super-standard transactions, and double-spend proofs. A secondary focus will be on longer-term ideas, such as those based on pre-consensus techniques, to address the double-spend vulnerabilities that involve miner collusion.

The workshop will include round-table discussions, working groups, and technical presentations.

Admission to the event is 750 euros per person and includes most meals (bursaries are available -- apply below).

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