Make Music in Space
Thank you for your interest to Make Music in Space. MMS is a national call for submissions to develop immersive quadraphonic work utilizing QUARK.

The call for submissions opens today with the prompt “Breathing Space.” Your work is solely reviewed on the technical achievement of work in quadraphonic sound and the work's ability to addresses the subjective prompt of "Breathing Space."

Artists may submit applications until Thursday, February 11, 2021 at 5pm Pacific Time. ONE 3-5 minute submission per person. More resources are available at

The chosen applicant receives a $500 honorarium, a feature by dublab and creative tools from Ableton, The Cargo Cult, FabFilter, Focusrite, iZotope, Moog Music, Output, Pioneer DJ, Spitfire Audio, and The Transmute Academy. The review panel includes Suzanne Ciani, Laura Escudé, Laraaji, Craig Leon, and Timeboy.

You can see the press release with more information about this opportunity here:
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We are only taking QUARK encoded 3-5 minute submissions via SoundCloud. Please make sure that your SoundCloud profile is complete that you tag the file with #Quadraphonic #QUARK #MakeMusicinSpace #BreathingSpace Please also make your file downloadable.
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