Candidate interest: Student Advisor for CMS School Board
If you are interested in running to be elected as Student Advisor for the CMS Board of Education, please sign up to be a candidate by October 8 at 11:59PM (complete this form). This information will be used to create candidate profiles that will be shared with other students to inform them for voting. You will receive additional information about the election process as it moves forward.


October 12
Primary election: Student advisory council leadership team reviews candidate profiles and, if needed, vote to select up to 5 candidates for the general election. The fair selection process will be based on factors such as qualifications, interest, ability, and representative diversity (for example, final candidates should demonstrate serious interest and be from different schools not the same school).

October 14
Candidate interviews (Zoom)

October 20-November 3
General election: Students across community review candidate profiles and vote to elect student advisor

January 2021: Student advisor starts one-year position as student advisor on school board

General information about school board student advisor commitment:

Join Charlotte-Mecklenburg Youth Council student advisory council
First Name
Last Name
High school
Elementary and middle school I attended
2020-21 class
Clear selection
Are you related to a member of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education?
Clear selection
Favorite place in Charlotte
When I'm not at school, I am (doing what)...
Years involved with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Youth Council (includes Youth Lead)
Clear selection
My civic leadership experience
Why I want to serve in this role
In my opinion, the #1 thing CMS leadership needs to do to achieve CMS vision and mission
CMS Vision: CMS provides all students the best education available anywhere, preparing every child to lead a rich and productive life. CMS Mission: The mission of CMS is to maximize academic achievement by every student in every school. ​​​
Do I think that all K-12 students receive an equal education and have equal opportunities for success? If yes, how will I ensure this continues? If no, how will I solve the problem?
What does CMS do well? What could CMS do better?
What's a CMS success that does not get enough attention - and what will I do to lift it up?
What's a CMS issue that does not get enough attention - and what will I do to solve it?
What's one more thing I want people to know about me?
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