DeepBayes Summer School 2018
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Participants with different backgrounds are welcome, that is why some of the fields are not required.

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Russian Specialist degree is equivalent to Master degree.
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Tell us about your research experience in machine learning. We are especially interested in Bayesian methods and deep learning. What problems did you work on? What results did you get? Also, you can provide us with links to your papers and repositories. Your answer must be less than 1000 characters.
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Industry experience
Tell us about your machine learning projects in industry. We are especially interested in projects related to Bayesian methods and deep learning. What problems did you work on? Which methods did you use? How did you evaluate quality? What was your role in the team? Your answer must be less than 1000 characters.
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University courses, additional education, online courses, books, video lectures etc.
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Open-source projects
Links to open-source projects you contributed to.
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Your experience that you want to mention but did not mention in questions above.
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This question is very important and we will pay a lot of attention to it!
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Practical assignment (Implementation part) *
The assignment is available at Complete blank spaces with your code, check your solution and copy only the implementation of AutoEncoder class in the field below.
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[Optional] Practical assignment (Research Part)
If you performed an additional study in practical assignment, describe your results here (maximum 500 characters). This part is optional, and if you have strong answers to other questions, you don't need to do it.
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Theoretical assignment *
The assignment is available at Solve the problem and insert a link to the solution in pdf format. Solution should be typed in some typesetting system (for example, LaTeX). You may send us scans of handwritten solutions but they must be very accurate!
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Tell us about your favorite papers on machine learning (up to 3). Summarize the main ideas of them. Why these papers are your favorite? Your answer should be about 1000-2000 characters.
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