Decenternet Bounty Application
General Bounty Rules:
* Newbie Non-Copper is only allowed to join article campaign.
* Member must join Decenternet telegram
* Don’t create report posts in this thread, or you will be disqualified
* Report posts form will available every Wednesday, see post reply #2
* Member with negative trust from any DT member is not allowed to join
* Join our Telegram (Main & Bounty Group) first before submit registration form
* Join Decenternet Telegram Group (all campaign)
* Join Decenternet Bounty Group (all campaign)
* Like Facebook Page (for social media campaign only)
* Follow Twitter (for social media campaign only)
* Follow LinkedIn (for social media campaign only)
* Distribution will be sent 3 months after the campaign ends.
* Campaign duration 4 weeks (can be extended).
* We have the right to stop or change the rules of this campaign anytime.

Disqualified Member:
* Remove or change Signature less than 4 weeks
* Failed to meet our minimum posts 2 weeks in a row
* Send reports post on this thread 2 weeks in a row
* Get NegativeTrust from DT During campaign
* Asking for payment on Main Telegram Group or Social Media.
* Spamming Telegram Group
* Unfollow our social media
* One account per participant, if we found your Alt. Accounts, you will be disqulified from this campaign.
* Disqualified member will not be paid
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Newbie, Jr. Member And Member Can't Join Signature Campaign. If you are applying for signature campaign and not meet minimum level, you will rejected. Newbie account without Copper Member status can't join all of our campaign.
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Translation Bounty *
Please mention your native language & portfolio in authentication post. You will get PM by @masulum through Bitcointalk if you are accepted. Choose "No" if you wan't to join this campaign.
Your Ethereum ERC20 Public Address (Don't Share Your Private Key) *
Re-check & Read Before Submit *
NO CHANCE TO CHANGES ANY DATA (Forum, Social Media & Telegram) or even you are can't access your registered ETH wallet address due to error, lost private key or anything. Your data is final and not will not give additional campaign after submitted data. EXCEPT you want to join translation, not choosing any campaign, filled other followers/friend number when slots you want is full. One response for one member/participants. You need to sign-in Google but we are NOT collected any email address. Please SUBMIT if you are agree or CLOSE TAB if you want to cancel application.
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