Arisia 2023 Masquerade Signup Form

Please read the Masquerade Rules at

All participants who will be appearing  must sign a release form which will be sent to you.

If you have any questions please contact us at
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Primary Contact Name *
The best person to talk to about your entry for the Masquerade.
Email address *
Email address of the Primary Contact.
Address *
City *
State *
Zip/Postal Code *
Home Phone
At-Con Phone *
In case we need to contact you while at Arisia. This is very helpful in case something happens with rehearsal schedules.
Costume Title *
The Genre the costume is set in. For example: Anime, Fantasy, Science Fiction, video game, etc.
Skills Division - choose one
See the Arisia Masquerade Rules  Young Fan is children age 12 or younger, but not part of Project Cosplay. Novice is for newcomers or have never won an award at a masquerade. Journeyman has won at least one Presentation award at the Novice level. Master/Craftsman has won 3 awards as Journeyman, or area a professional.
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If Young Fan, is Costume Self-Made?
Did the Young Fan make the Costume themselves? It's okay if they had help and/or advice while making it.
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Re-creation is based on source material (i.e. movie, tv show, anime, comics, video game, etc.) Original is one of your own design not based on a specific source. Assembled is a costume with a majority of it is pieced together from things bought or found.
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If it's a Re-Creation or inspired costume, what was the source for your entry.
In Competition or Out of Competition?
"I will be IN competion for presentation judging." OR "I will be OUT of competition for presentation judging." If you have presented and received awards for this costume at other regional or international convention masquerades, then you should consider being out of competition.
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Designed By *
Made By *
Names of Participants on Stage
All participants who will be on stage during the presentation.
Emcee Info
Standard Intro is Entry Number, Division level, and Title that the Emcee will read to introduce your presentation. Check all that apply and send any script or custom intro to the Masquerade Director.
Entrant has...
... additional information or files. Please email Masquerade Director with any special circumstances or tech needs.
Information for Tech
Dominant Colors *
Tactile Masquerade - Optional
During the halftime show in the hallway outside the Grand Ballroom some audience members will gather to see your costume up close. You may allow them, at your discretion, to touch and feel parts of your costume.
Online Rehearsal slot signup
Use this form to signup for a Saturday (10:30am-2pm) Rehearsal slot. (There will also be Sunday slots 10:00am-2pm available at-con.) Saturday slots will be 10 minutes long, Sunday slots will be 8 minutes long. You should signup early if you are a Novice or have a group presentation, but the slots are available for all.
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