First Year CCS Anti-Bullying & Internet Safety Questionnaire.
Introduction. Part A. Please state if you are male of female.
Introduction. Part B. Please state the class you are in.
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1. Are you aware that CCS has an anti-bullying policy
2. Are you aware that CCS has an acceptable usage internet policy?
3. Are you aware of the different types of bullying?
4. I feel that I am protected by CCS from bullying?
5. CCS supports & helps students who are bullied
6. I believe that students have a role to play in preventing (stopping) bullying
7. I believe that parents have a role to play in preventing (stopping) bullying
8. I believe that teachers have a role to play in preventing (stopping) bullying.
9. Our school is a safe place to be LGBTIQ+
10. Our school is a safe place for all students
11. I know my role in respecting and protecting someone who is being bullied
12. I know where to find our school anti-bullying policy
13. I know where to find our school Acceptable Internet Usage Policy.
14. Are your parents capable of staying safe when using the internet
15. Are you capable of staying safe while using the internet
16. Do you know how many people have access to the internet worldwide
17. Do you know the minimum amount of people expected to online at any given time?
18. Do you behave appropriately while using the internet?
19. Are all the internet activities you participate in appropriate for your age?
20. Have you ever been bullied on the internet?
21. Have you ever witnessed bullying on the internet?
22. Have you ever been stressed/worried or anxious due to activities on the internet?
23. How long would you allow yourself to be stressed/worried or anxious before speaking to someone?
24. What would you do if you were stressed worried or anxious about your activities in the internet.
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25. How many people know your social media passwords?
26. How often do you change your social media passwords?
27. Have you ever had interactions with strangers (people that you do not know) on the internet?
28. Is it possible that you or a family member could lose money on the internet?
29. Do you know the difference between a safe and an unsafe website?
30. Are you aware of your legal responsibilities in relation to the internet?
31. Please write below any other comment that you want to make about bullying and or the internet.Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.
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