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Thank you so much for joining our art movement for mental health awareness in the memory of Kim Jonghyun. By filling out this form you are giving us permission to sell your art exclusively for donations to mental health and suicide prevention in Korea. All credits for your work will go to you. Lets make a difference through our art!

The project begins on February 5th 2018 and will last until September 10th. This form will close on August 10th in order to organize the participants.

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Here you can explain a bit about your art piece, as well as be able to promote yourself, the project, or speak about Jonghyun. This will be included as a "product description" of your art on our site, so please only include information that you are comfortable with sharing publicly. (If left blank, this area will appear blank on the website)
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Here you can include a link and/or username that you wish to share in association with your art. This is so people who are interested in your art after viewing it can find you elsewhere!
Thank you!!
Thank you so much for your participation in this project. None of this would be possible without you.

If you have any questions and/or suggestions regarding this project, please contact us through our project email or social media:


Twitter: @BlueMoonArtists

Instagram: @BlueMoonArtists

If you would like to speak to us, the organizers, more directly, you can always find us through our individual accounts:

Twitter: @pasteIchangkyun (please note the l in pastel is a capital i)
Instagram: @mintxjimin

Twitter: @CheonsaChann

Twitter: @NG7BTS13SVT7MX

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