Foundation Student Organization Officer Applications
Hi All!

We are looking for officers for the 2023-2024 school year! These positions require a larger amount of responsibility and dedication towards FSO, but create a wonderful experience for members during the year! That too, you'll get your picture added onto our website! (

If this opportunity interests you, then please fill out this form! However, do not expect that filling this form guarantees an officer position. We will try our best to accommodate everyone, but we'll select people in accordance to what's best for the team. This will be mainly based on your responses in this form.  
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Please list your commitments throughout your normal week (for the 2023-2024 school year).
Please review our rules and regulations for FSO. 
This document details the responsibilities for each officer, which you can use to find out what positions you think you'd like. This document was appended recently, so if you've viewed it in the past, please revisit the document now. 

What position would you like? (Please choose at most 3) *
What qualities or traits make you a valuable candidate for this position?
What prior experience do you have with civil volunteering? If you're a returning FSO member, please mention that here.
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