Tom Davidson Chemistry Disclosure
What is your students Name *
What Hour is your student taking chemistry? *
Does your student wear contacts? *
wearing contacts is allowed, we just like to be aware so we can make arrangements when dealing with volatile chemicals.
Does your student have allergies to metals, medicines, or anything else you feel may be important to know for chemistry? *
We deal with many chemicals in chemistry. Knowing if your student has allergies to these is very important.
If you answered yes to allergies please list these.
Your answers to these are completely confidential and deleted once the trimester is over.
Is your student color blind? *
Recognizing colors is an important safety factor in chemistry. Being color blind is not a problem as long as I never assign two color blind student to be lab partners.
Please type your name in the box below to indicate that you have read the Safety disclosure that can be found at the web address below- *
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