MMSBC Dynamic Doubles 2019
Event Timing: 14th and 15th September 2019
Event Address: Massey Recreation Centre
Contact us at
Terms and Conditions of Entry
1. The Rules of play shall be those of the BWF. The Referee or Tournament Controller shall
decide all questions regarding Rules of the game.

2. This event will be played as a Round Robin followed by Knockout, unless the number of
entries dictates that it be played otherwise. The decision to alter the competition format
is at the discretion of the Tournament Controller.

3. All matches shall be the best of three games to 21 as per the BWF regulations.
Round robin scoring will also follow BWF regulations if round robin matches are held.

4. Competitors must act as Umpires and Linesmen when called upon to do so.

5. Feather shuttles will be used in all events.

6. All players must wear appropriate sportswear.

7. Players are not permitted on the courts between matches unless they are warming up
for the next scheduled match on that court.

8. Any acts or behaviours deemed inappropriate while playing or spectating will result
in a warning followed by disqualification and removal from grounds for subsequent

9. The Tournament committee reserves the right to:
a) Amend the hours of play.
b) Cancel any event for which there are less than 8 entries.
c) Default any players not present when called for.
d) Move forward the closing date of applications
e) Revoke applications past the closing date if the number of participants are too high
(full refunds will be given for such instances)

10. Registration will commence at 9am on the day of the competition.

11. All participants are required to produce at least one form of identification during
registration. Participants applying as a Massey Student or Staff are required to bring
along their Student/Staff ID card as a form of verification. Inability to produce such
verification will result in revocation of the Student/Staff discount and are required to
pay the balance prior to registration.

12. Replacements for events after the draw is published may be allowed only with the
approval of the tournament controller.

13. Only online entries will be accepted. Online entry is available on the MMSBC Facebook
Page (Massey Manawatu Students Badminton Club) or via the link provided. Payment
for entries is to be made directly to our bank account (03-1522-0115862-000), using the
player name and contact number as reference.

14. A doubles entry is not confirmed until registration forms and fees are submitted by the
closing date, by both players. (This excludes “partner required” entries.)

15. Competitors are only permitted to enter one grade but are allowed to enter multiple

16. The draw will be done the Wednesday prior to the event and available online on the
MMSBC Facebook Page and posted at the competition site on the day itself.

17. Players withdrawing after entries have closed will not be eligible for a refund unless
a medical certificate is submitted at the time of withdrawal. Half of the registration fee
will be deducted on such instances.

18. All players must report to the Tournament Organizers on arrival and before leaving the
hall for any reason before the end of the day’s play.

19. All players enter at their own risk. No responsibility will be accepted for any injury
suffered during the tournament.

20. By entering this event, the player hereby agrees and acknowledges that any person,
shall have the right to:
photograph and/or record on video all and any games or practice conducted during the
course of the event, retain such photographs or video recordings for their own use of
whatsoever nature, distribute such photographs or video recordings to any other party,
display such photographs or video recordings during the event or at any time thereafter,
in any form whatsoever (including but not limited to: promotional displays of the
organizers and/or the sponsors of the event and of Badminton New Zealand) PROVIDED
THAT no such photographs or video recordings shall be used or retained for any illegal,
immoral or unseemly use or purpose.

21. The Tournament Organizers reserve the rights to refuse or revoke entry to any
participants found violating the terms and conditions of the event without notice.

Privacy Act
I consent to the collection of the above details by the Massey Manawatu
Student Badminton Club for the purpose of entering the 2019 MMSBC Dynamic Doubles
Competition and for it to retain, use and disclose these to Badminton New Zealand.
I acknowledge my right to access and correct any information. My consent is given in
accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

Tournament Controller: Tristan Lim |

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