Effective Altruism Toronto Short-Form Survey
Use this form to tell us how EA Toronto may have affected your impact on the world (either positively or negatively), and/or to give feedback on EA Toronto or EA more generally. This can help inform future activities.

Note that all questions are optional (so if you want to answer just one part anonymously, you could complete the form once with e.g. your impact story and name, and then again later with your feedback and no name).

This survey should take 5 minutes to complete.
If you have more time, 30 minutes, then please consider filling out the bit.ly/EATOlongform instead of this one, as it yields much richer data to base our reports and strategy on.
IMPACT STORY - Describe the most significant way(s) that EA Toronto has affected the impact you expect to have on the world.
Feel free to highlight uncertainties (e.g., about whether EA Toronto really caused a useful encounter, whether you probably would have heard a particular argument soon anyway without our input, whether you've already told us something etc.).
advocacy, social network, well-being, perspective, projects, EA community impacts, ideas, resources, hope
What feedback do you have for EA Toronto, or the EA community more broadly?
All kinds of feedback are welcome, but for certain kinds of feedback, including potentially relevant details about yourself can help us learn how to be more inclusive of groups that are underrepresented in EA, and of any talent, perspective etc. that we'd like to see more of.
What is your full name?
If we have permission to share any of your answers publicly, please select them below.
We ask because such examples and feedback can be helpful for others, especially those giving time and money to EA community-building work. If you do not select any, your answers will only be shared with the EA Toronto Team: Colin Bested, Aaron Nesmith-Beck, Kale Ridsdale, Anya Pechkina, Brian Gottheil, Naryan Wong, Yuli Jadov, Noam Ascher. However, aggregated anonymized statistics such as the number of respondents reporting a specific kind of career change, or general change via a specific mechanism, either in total or from a specific group, may be shared publicly.
If we have permission to follow up with you on your answers, please add your email address below.
We may be interested to know more details about parts of your answers, or have relevant resources to recommend to you.
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