madeleine's handpoke booking!
Hello! thank you so much for your interest in getting poked by me :)

I've made this form to organize poke requests--I may not be able to get to everybody depending on demand, but I will base bookings based on when you request a tattoo, your ideas/inspiration/concept, and availability.
(If I sent this link to you before the fall semester started, you are guaranteed a spot--this is just for organizing and getting a feel for your ideas!)

My pokes range from $20 (small and simple) to $100 (large, very long or multiple sessions) based off of complexity, size, and duration. Due to high demand, I will be prioritizing my complex original designs this semester over small simple shapes, letters, etc., which are usually a minimum of ~$50.
This compensates for materials, time, labor, practice, and editing designs to make them just right for you. I use real tattoo ink and sterile single-use tattoo needles, a ✨tattoo table✨, and other high quality materials for the best payoff.

I want to make my work accessible to all, so I work on a sliding scale within that range, and you ultimately determine what you would like to pay. If you are also a creative I am so very willing for a combination of pay/art trades :)

Here are scans of my current flash:
"Flash art" are original drawings that I have ready to go and would love to tattoo! I do not repeat a flash tattoo twice, so your tattoo is unique to you.
Please do not take this artwork to another artist as it is my own. I am happy to do commissions for bringing pieces to a studio, reach out to me on Instagram!
Also happy to tweak things to your preference, or work with you on new ideas within my style.

Notes about the process!
-Before you come: keep the area moisturized for the days leading up to our session. If you have long/corse hair in the area you are looking to get poked, please consider shaving the area so I can be as precise as possible.
-Sessions usually last a minimum of 2.5 hours.
-Sometimes tattoos have to be finished over 2+ sittings based off of pain tolerance and level of detail.
-People are pleasantly surprised about the pain level of stick and pokes, but the process does last longer than a machine tattoo, making your skin more sensitive over time. No stress if you need to take breaks or end up wanting to spread the session over two days--it is important for both of us to have a comfortable and stress-free experience for the best tattoo :)
-How you care for your tattoo immediately after and for your lifetime will affect its legibility. Having Aquaphor and (preferably unscented) lotion is ideal for the days immediately after your session. It is best practice to not swim for at least a week after the session, and keep the tattoo covered from the sun or apply sunscreen liberally to your tattoo.
-Stick and pokes are tattoos!!! They might fade a bit (I do free touch ups if you ever need one), but they don't go away, unless in high wear areas such as the inside of fingers or feet which I do not specialize in.

Ok sorry for so much text,, if all this sounds good to you continue onwards below! Thank you so so much for your interest!
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WHO ARE YOU! name and pronouns pls (if you want!) *
what's ur number ;)                                       ((if you'd rather coordinate over text than email))
What's your idea? Size? Placement? No worries if it's not concrete, totally down to work with you leading up to and during the session. *
What times work for you? Unless the tatt is very small, simple (ie. a shape), I would book at least 2 hours for a poke. As I have been doing increasingly complex designs, tattoos have been tending towards 3-4 hours. Pls select all options that work for you in a normal week, and no worries if you don't know your schedule yet--we can coordinate in the beginning of the semester.
Please select all that apply
You've made it to the end!  Thanks again for your interest, it is an honor to share my art with so many amazing people. I will be in touch about times that work for both of us soon. In the meantime, follow me on instagram @joinnides_draws for updates and last minute cancellations so that you can swoop in in case a time opens up. Anything else you would like to add? Questions, comments, concerns, crushes? Put em here
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