Florence-Lauderdale Public Library 2020 Teen Internet Scavenger Hunt- Winner will receive an Amazon gift card!
Scavenger hunt will be open to teens ages 11-18.

Stuck at home and looking for a challenge? We have created a digital scavenger hunt to help pass the time. Most of the answers to these questions can be found on our website or by doing a quick Google search. The winner will receive a $20 Amazon gift card. The more correct answers you submit, the more times your name is entered into a drawing. You have until Friday, April 10th to complete the scavenger hunt and submit your answers. You can only complete the scavenger hunt one time!

5 correct answers- 1entry
10 correct answers-2 entries
15 correct answers- 3 entires
20 correct answers- 4 entires
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What colors make up the Teen Program logo?
Find the Women's History Month booklist for teens on our website. Name the book with the call number YF QUI?
Who wrote "The Diviners" book series?
Click on the FLPL @ Home link found on our library's home page. What is the name of the teen book link for ebooks?
Watch a book trailer from https://trailershelf.com/category/teens-young-adult/ and write the name of the book below
What is a booktuber?
Look up the book "Straight On Till Morning" by Liz Braswell. What Disney movie is the book based off of?
Name one of the books listed on the 2020 Amazing Audiobooks for Young Adults list published by YALSA.
What app allows you to download ebooks and eaudiobooks with your library card?
Where on the library's website can you access Tinkercad?
Find the Billie Eilish book playlist on the library's webside. Name one book that can be found under the heading "If you like the songs 'Bad Guy' and 'When the Party's Over'".
What is the name of the YA book made into a movie that features two sick teens with a lung disease that must maintain their distance from each other?
Name one of the four resource links on the Teen page.
Pick a zoo or aquarium found on the website below, watch some of its livestream, and tell us which zoo or aquarium you watched and what animal you saw. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/coronavirus-zoos-aquariums-live-stream-animals-isolation-quarantine/
What book series did Natsuki Takaya write?
What is the name of The Hunger Games prequel coming out in May?
What is the name of one of the programs we have for teens once a month?
Take a tour of one of the 12 museums mentioned on the website below and tell us which one you toured and what you saw. https://www.travelandleisure.com/attractions/museums-galleries/museums-with-virtual-tours
What is the name of the main character in the manga series Black Butler?
Find FLPL's local history page on our website. Access the digital archives collection, pick a collection to explore, and tell us what you picked and one thing you saw.
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