ConneQT Youth Survey
In order for us to improve ConneQT, we need your feedback. Whether you are currently in a host home, soon to move out, or have already moved out (regardless of how long ago), we ask you to tell us what you think by completing this survey. Individual responses will not be seen by the ConneQT staff. Responses will be grouped together without identifying information to better inform our work. Responses/quotes may be used anonymously by Avenues communications team.  
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Are you currently living in a host home?
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How did you first learn about ConneQT?
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How long was it between the time you first applied to be in ConneQT and when you moved into a host home?
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 If you lived in more than one host home, how many host homes did you live in, and how long did you live in each one (approximately)? If you lived in only one host hoome, please skip this question.
At the time you entered ConneQT, what were the issues that caused you the most stress?  Please check all that applied to you and/or your family.
 Please tell us how you feel or what you think at this time (there are NO right or wrong answers)
Yes, definitely true
Somewhat true
Not true
I think my case manager referred me to ConneQT at the right time for me.
I think I applied to be in ConneQT at the right time for me.
I think my first host home is / was a good match for me
The check-ins with my Host(s) and ConneQT staff were/are helpful.
I feel safe in my host home.
I feel safer in my community.
I am / was able to make decisions about my own life while in ConneQT.
I care about people in my life.
My relationship with my family of origin is important to me.
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More feelings! Please tell us how you feel at this time (again, there are NO right or wrong answers).
Yes, definitely true
Sometimes true
Never true
I feel that my Host(s) care about my future and goals.
I feel that my Host(s) respect my racial identity
I feel that my Host(s) respect my cultural identities.
I feel that my Host(s) respect my gender expression and identities.
I trust my Host(s) to communicate honestly with me.
I feel that my Host(s) support me to get healthier.
My Host(s) have connected me with other adult allies.
I feel that I will stay / have stayed in contact with my Host(s).
I feel that I will be / was ready to move on to my next housing.
I feel that I am making / made progress on my goals while living in my Host Home.
There are people who really care about me.
Before joining ConneQT, I feel that I had a good relationship with my family.
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Since you moved into your host home, have any of the following things changed for you?  If you've already moved out, did any of these things change for you?
Improved a lot
Improved a little
Stayed the same
Gotten worse
My feelings about myself have...
My ability to focus on my future has...
My feelings of loneliness have...
My ability to deal with problems has...
My relationship with my family of origin has...
My connection to community has...
My access to resources has...
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Are you currently in school or a job training program?
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Are you currently employed?
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Are you currently involved in community work or activism?
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If you are currently working, are you working full-time or part-time? (If you are not currently working, please skip this question.)
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Overall, how satisfied are you with...
Very Satisfied
Very Dissatisfied
Your experience with ConneQT?
Your experience living with your host(s)?
Your progress on your goals?
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Do you think your host(s) was / were ready and able to host a young person?
What type of housing will you live in or did you live in right after transitioning out of ConneQT?
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How does/did Case Management help you (please be as specific as possible)?
What suggestions do you have for making ConneQT better?
Is there any advice you have for a someone considering ConneQT?
If you have been out of ConneQT for over a year, please tell us what type of housing you live in now.  Thank you!
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