Photo App Research
Hello! I'm working on a new photo editing app for the desktop, and I'd love your feedback.

I'll be focusing my questions on color correction, specifically using presets. I'll use the term "filter" to cover any kind of "looks" or image presets, such as Lightroom presets or 3D LUTs.

Thanks for your help!

– Ben
What best describes your experience with photography? *
What cameras do you use frequently for serious photography? *
What is the main way you color correct your photos currently? *
Which of these potential features are most interesting to you? Check all that apply. *
If you could have the features above, what one-time price would feel like a bargain? *
If the demo really impressed you, and you were excited about the app, what is the absolute highest price you'd be willing to pay? *
If you loved the app and its features, how would it change your current photo editing workflow? *
Imagine there were companion apps for iOS, Android and the web, which could all use the same image filters. Which would you use? *
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