ReCYCLEry Appointment Sign Up
We have been ecstatic to see your interest in riding bicycles this year. Over the past 7 months, a group of ~10 volunteers have refurbished or fixed about 200 bicycles to get people of all backgrounds rolling on two-wheeled, pedal-powered bikes! 

However, we are putting a pause on accepting new appointment requests. We are setting poor expectations if we keep adding people on to a very long wait list. Currently, there are ~210 people on our list and those who just signed up will be months away from an appointment. (updated Oct. 23 2020)

We will still reach out to everyone who signed up when we get to you. A large number of our volunteers are students or employed by the university, and many of you know it has been quite a hectic semester. We will be switching to monthly waitlist updates, and will be emailing all appointment scheduling replies (group bcc emails) for efficiency.  

We hope that this pause will allow us to catch up at our own pace and feel less pressure as we come into the holiday season. We can't predict the future, but we hope to follow up with all requests by the spring so we can start fresh for next year's riding season.

In addition, we have some exciting updates to share! In addition to fixing bikes, we are: 
- Painting a mural on our front wall to brighten our space
- Adding members to our board to help with structure, organization, and fulfillment of our mission
- Training new volunteers as mechanics
- Fixing up kids bikes for the holiday season 

We appreciate everyone's patience on these appointments, and we have loved working with many of you in our 1:1 appointment structure over the past few months. Thank you for all your support and donations to keep us operating. We wouldn't be here without you!
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