Cal-Adapt User Survey
Cal-Adapt ( hosts tools and information that show how climate change is predicted to affect California. Cal-Adapt aims to serve a wide range of audiences and be particularly useful to planners, scientists, and other public servants.

The Cal-Adapt team continually strives to make its climate data visualizations, interpretation, and download tools more useful. This survey will expand the Cal-Adapt team's understanding of who uses Cal-Adapt and for what purposes, to expand the tools available, build a seamless user experience, and support climate change adaptation across California.

We anticipate that this survey will take 5 to 10 minutes. Though not required, we encourage you to fill out all questions.

Thank you for your response! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Nancy Thomas at
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How do you hope to be able to use Cal-Adapt?
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How do you typically use climate data?
Do you use Cal-Adapt, or do you use another tool? Why?
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How would you rate the overall ease of use of the site?
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How would you rate the overall speed and responsiveness of the tools?
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What do you like best about Cal-Adapt?
What do you like least about Cal-Adapt?
How can we improve Cal-Adapt? Please feel free to share your ideas and suggestions to help us make the site more engaging and useful.
What additional data layers, features, or tools would be most useful to include on Cal-Adapt?
Would you recommend this site to your friends or colleagues? *
Are there any other climate service tools or websites that you like or find useful? If so, please share the name or link here.
Any additional comments? We welcome suggestions on any areas of improvement or features you'd like to see added to the site.
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