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This is a form to request integrative mental health care services with Embodied Heart Mind with Lissa Edmond. Please read the details below and if you are interested in scheduling a complementary 20-minute video consultation call, please fill out the form below and we reach out to schedule an appointment as well as well as send to you the required intake paperwork needed for the consultation appointment.

Please note that Lissa has a holistic and integrative approach to mental health care and recommends that everyone seeks many ways to support their well-being including psychotherapy, nutrition, physical activity, mindfulness, sleep hygiene habits, social support system, creative expression, medication management/supplements when indicated and/or spirituality, etc.


Therapy services are available for New Jersey residents over the age of 18 and will be available via telehealth video sessions at this time. Insurances generally accepted are BCBS (not the NJ Horizon Health/NJ Family Care plan), Cigna, and Medicare. The visits are 45-minute sessions with a fee of $110 unless insurance coverage is possible.

Lissa's specialties include somatic-based and mindfulness-based therapy practices for Anxiety, Depression, Mood, Shame, Grief, and Trauma including Acute, Chronic, Race- and Oppression-based, and Intergenerational.


Medication monitoring services are available for New Jersey residents over the age of 13 and will be available via telehealth video sessions initially which will later transition to Ewing, New Jersey, and possibly an alternate northern NJ location when conditions are safe for in-person meetings.

The visits will consist of a 60-minute initial psychiatric evaluation followed by medication monitoring sessions ranging in time from 15-30 minutes that are scheduled every two weeks to three months depending on the client's presentation and needs.

Insurances accepted are BCBS (not the NJ Horizon Health/NJ Family Care plan), Cigna, and Medicare; specific plan coverage can be verified prior to scheduling initial visit. For those not using insurance, payments are estimated to be $150 for the 60-minute initial psychiatric evaluation, $75 for a 15-minute medication monitoring visit, and $90 for a 30-minute medication monitoring visit.

Also, please be aware that EHM does not prescribe controlled substances as part of our controlled substance policy. These include habit-forming medications like benzodiazepines (ie. Xanax), sedative hypnotics (ie. Ambien), and stimulants (ie. Ritalin, Adderall).


These services are available for those over the age of 18 and will be available via telehealth video sessions. The visits are 60-minute sessions for $150 and are not covered by insurance.

The focus of the coaching session is up to the client and can include an emphasis on embodied practices, mindful meditation and movement (yoga, qigong, embodied play, and/or improvisation), somatic anti-racism and anti-oppression work, decolonial care, ancestral practices, Buddhism, and wellness and holistic care.


Thank you for your kind attention and for taking care of yourself by reaching out for services. For additional details, please visit embodiedheartmind.com
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