No Kids Left Inside
The City of Des Moines is in the planning stages to build, replace and repair play areas in parks throughout our community. New play areas would be installed at Des Moines Beach Park and Steven J underwood Memorial Park; aging play structures would be replaced at Cecil Powell Park, Kiddie Park, Westwood Park and Wooton Park and repairs would be made to existing play areas at Midway Park and Water Tower Park.

This survey will help us to better understand how your household currently uses the city’s play areas and what should be included in future park play areas.

Park area improvements are contingent on the availability of funding from many sources: City capital construction funds 43%, State and King County park grants 47% and a community campaign led by the Des Moines Legacy Foundation that seeks to raise $205,000 for the project. For more information about the project and go to or contact Des Moines Parks, Recreation and Senior Services Department at 206-870-6527.

1. When children in your household visit a play area with equipment, check each age group that participates.
2. Which park is playground equipment of interest to you? If interested in more than one park, fill out additional survey(s).
3. What types of play equipment do children in your household prefer? Check all that apply.
4. Tell us what site amenities you feel would enhance the play area. Check all that apply.
5. What types of activities do children in your household engage in at the play area? Check all that apply.
6. Do you consider the play equipment to be safe for children?
7. If you answered No to the previous questions, why? Check all that apply.
8. What general style of play equipment do you think is most appropriate for the play area?
9. Please use the following space to provide any additional comments related to play areas and equipment.
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Thank you for your input. If you can support the play area project by volunteering or by a financial or material donation, please provide your information below so we can contact you.
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